A Traditional Breed

An old and primitive breed, the Scottish Blackface may have originated in the border areas between Scotland and England. The records of the predecessors of today’s Scottish Blackface lambs can be traced far back as to the 12th Century, when the monks raised these horned sheep to provide wool for their garments.

Healthy and delicious - you can have it both ways

With our Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology, you feel it at the flip of a switch. It continuously measures, compares and reacts to outside noise, then cancels it with the opposite signal. You can adjust your level of noise cancelling between three levels to better fit your environment. 

Our Journey

Talk about the outstanding point or the core value of your brand to educate visitors about your business.

Write about your brand story, vision so customers can understand your business’ values. With an impressive brand story, customers will feel more engaged with your brand. A brand story tells the motivation for starting your business, and why you get up and do what you do every day, why customers should care, and why they should trust you. The brand story builds connections and it builds trust.