We believe in the coexistence of agriculture development and nature preservation.

A Balanced Ecosystem

We believe in eating high quality, animal welfare conscious, and sustainably produced meat.  This approach is better for your own well-being together with that of the animals and the planet.  Everything we do in the Auch Estate works towards the coexistence of agriculture and nature preservation. 


In Auch Estate, we are increasingly migrating to extensive farming practice.  In 2021, we also set out plans to create a woodland of native species to restore biodiversity to some of the barren landscapes and to offset our carbon footprint.  It is indeed quite a challenge because of the remote and extreme mountain environment, but Sustainability is a widely applied concept and we work for it in every aspect of our system and culture.

Renewable Energy

Our multiple meandering rivers and burns power a hydro scheme that is based in Auch Estate, generating and exporting electricity to nearby distribution networks.

Scottish Lamb from Auch Estate

Packaging Lightly

Excessive packaging is a prevailing issue especially in the world of e-commerce. In Auch Estate, we are committed to minimising the negative impact results from packaging.  This includes stripping off unnecessary plastic wraps and avoidable layers of covers.  The key challenge here is to preserve the freshness and quality of our perishable meat products (which have to travel far from Scotland)  through means to stop oxygen from reaching the surface of our meat.  At the current technology level, often, plastic is a more viable solution.  Yet, we are not happy with the status quo and will continue to search for sustainable alternatives.